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A form is a document with spaces (fields) in which to write or select, for a series of documents with similar contents. The documents usually have the printed parts in common, possibly except for a serial number. Advantages of forms include:

  • one has to write less (while the printing is almost universally done in some automatic way),
  • one is told or reminded what information has to be supplied,
  • uniformity, for convenience in processing.

Corporate forms with your companies` logo and requisites on will make documents look more respectable and separate them from many others. More than thousand words it will show reliability of your company.

Outgoing documents will help your company to differ between competitors if printed or written on corporate forms. Your form will be made on a special paper using different print techniques, it will have unique design, guaranteed, your will get much more attention from your clients or partners.

Forms may be filled out in duplicate (or triplicate, meaning three times) when the information gathered on the form needs to be distributed to several departments within an organization. This can be done using carbon paper.

Forms can be used almost everywhere at work, for example:

  • receipts,
  • invoices,
  • consignment bills, shipping notes,
  • customs declarations,
  • forms that are supposed to be duplicated,
  • insurance policy,
  • vouchers,
  • bills,
  • acquaintances,
  • tickets etc.

Printing house „Veiters” prints forms of the best quality paying attention to terms. We print forms of different editions, colour and on different kinds of paper.