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Technical requirements


Fails are accepted in those formats:

  • Illustrator EPS (v. 8-CS2), CDR (v.9-13), in this case all fonts must be changed to curve (outlines, curves).

Correct colour models (for Adobe Photoshop) are - CMYK, Gray, Monochrome Bitmape (B/W), if printed in special colors - Pantone Matching System. In case if change from RGB or other (incorrect for your work) model is done in the printing house; complaints about misregister are not accepted.

To make a correct PDF file - it is better first print POSTSCRIPT file, from which turn it to PDF with Adobe Acrobat Distiller, setup (JOB Option). Before distillation setup (Press quality), after it is advisable to mark up:

  1. In menu Images switch off Downsample, for all 3 types of images: Color, Grayscale, Monochrome.
  2. In menu Fonts switch off “Subset embedded fonts when percent of characters used is less than…”.
  3. In menu Color - Color Management Polices change to Leave color Unchanged.

After save settings and use with PS file distillation.

If PDF is made with export method, there is a possibility of incorrect separation of colors. To avoid it, it’s preferable to change settings as written before.

We don’t take Separated PDF files and don’t print them.

To minimize possible mistakes during print, preferable to follow these rules:


  • must be done using QuarkXPress or Adobe Indesign.
  • Format of document in page-proof file must be similar to cut product format.
  • All colors (except extra colors) must be in CMYK model, all unused must be erased.
  • Scale of all “drawn in” images in graphic windows must be 100%.
  • Not allowed to set tracing for types in QuarkXPress, if they are no such in the type.
  • Working in QuarkXPress 4.х or older – not recommended to use programs of automatic correction because of incorrectness.

Vector graphics

  • Vector images, done in Adobe Illustrator, FreeHand must be written in EPS format (image must be exported from FreeHand to Macintosh EPS/EPS with TIFF Preview for PC, not including FreeHand Document, in Adobe Illustrator – save as Illustrator EPS include images).
  • All colors (except extra colors) must be in CMYK model.
  • All types used in images must be changed to curve.

Raster graphics

  • Raster images are accepted in CMYK TIFF and CMYK EPS formats.
  • Fails shouldn’t be compressed.
  • Resolution of raster images is recommended to be done proportionally to raster lines (from 1.5 to 2). 100% images` resolution must be 225-350 dpi.
  • Monochrome images are accepted in TIFF (EPS) Grayscale or Bitmap formats with resolution not less than 600 dpi for Bitmap.


In preparation for eviction is necessary:
  • verify correctness of trapping and overprints;
  • set over-measure for cutting and felling for images printed under edge: for cutting – not less than 3 mm, for cutting down – not less than 5 mm, for multiple brochures – not less than 5 mm;
  • in pasted production (magazine, book in soft binding) on the first and the last pages as well as on the inside important image elements shouldn’t be closer than 8 mm to inner side of production;
  • such image elements as text and borders shouldn’t be closer than 3 mm to cut-line or 4 mm to felling;
  • С+М+У+К shouldn’t be more than 310%.

Presented files must be duplicated with printout with all the necessary parameters:

  • document sizes, sizes of separate elements;
  • used colors (percentages by Pantone);

For works with felling following information must be presented:

  • dimension sizes;
  • product material or recommendations;
  • principal scheme of production or description of usage;
  • specific requirements for design and construction.
Technical requirements